• Jordan Maxwell Conference Awake & Aware 2009

                          JORDAN MAXWELL

    Au cours de ces 50 minutes de conférence, Jordan Maxwell dresse un portrait au vitriol et sans concessions de la structure sous-jacente de la société occidentale, derrière les façades convenues des institutions administratives, politiques et religieuses. Une analyse et une opinion tranchées qui ne laissent pas indifférent... A vous de juger.




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    Mercredi 15 Juin 2011 à 18:14
    he fall in whole of illumati ! cause half are true after JC when people like paul de tarse or mathhieu wrote the oficial bible but if that true about jesus and moise he must do same analyse about islam and he don t found atrologique or sun adoration who is yahvé ? in arammen called allah jesus talking at god said allah in his language arameen semitique language whe talk about jesus ok but the FATHER ?
    this man descover half true about religions but king david and suleyman are true ! but the topic about devil what it is ?
    people don t believe in satan in devil = don t beleive in god in the bible or thora or koran what devil want ? people don t beleive in god (or beleive false gods or many gods) so the true story about bible we know it and beleive in god are devil target he must learn more about the last religion and islam in particularty to have complete analyse
    Samedi 11 Août 2018 à 08:02

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